Category Numerical analysis (general)
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description Multi-layer User-Friendly Thermal Model in 1 Dimension (MUT1D) uses 1D implicit finite difference techniques to determine the thermal regime in layered material systems. This model allows the surface energy flux or temperature to be specified as: specified temperatures, surface n-factors, specified energy flux, specified convection, and a complete surface energy balance making use of short and long-wave radiation, wind speed, cloud cover, and ambient air temperatures. The model tracks the movement of the phase change interface by monitoring the enthalpy in each element of the soil system. It was developed for use by airport and highway design engineers, maintenance personnel, researchers, and planners and as a design tool for engineers to perform geotechnical thermal analysis of foundation systems constructed on seasonally or permanently frozen ground.
Cost US Dollars 120
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  National Technical Information Service (NTIS) 

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