Category Numerical analysis (general)
Publisher  Geoscience Research Laboratory 
Platform Win3x
Status Commercial
Description Sigma-3D is a 3D finite element program for non-linear, elastic-plastic, contact-surface, plane of weakness, heat-stress and seismic-inertia analyses. Suitable for excavation, embankment, and automatic step-analyses. Triangular or rectangular mesh can be generated automatically. Special elements: beam, bolt, and joint. All input can be done in graphical form using in-built CAD. All output is in figure format, including contour, displacement, stress vector, and colour map of stress distribution. It contains three bundled utilities: CAD, word processor and layout function. Runs on 66Mhz 8MB RAM PC.
Cost US Dollars 19900 demonstration US Dollars 80
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Japan  Geoscience Research Laboratory 

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