Category Geological modelling
Publisher  Earthfx Incorporated 
Platform DOS, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description VIEWLOG is an integrated borehole data management and interpretation system with a borehole data editor and GIS-style mapping and cross-section tools. Applications: Data Visualization, Mapping, cross sections, 3D fence diagrams and surfaces, borehole logs, Database Access and Editing. Querying, tabular data access, graphical selection, editing. Geologic Interpretation and Modelling. Layer picking and "constrained" geologic modelling. Well Log Editing and Interpretation. Geophysical log processing (log calculations, statistics, etc.). Geostatistics. Gridding (interpolation) and contouring. Grid Data Processing. Grid calculations (incl. volume, area and flux summations). Flow Modelling. Pre- and post-processing for MODFLOW. Visualization Tools: Mapping Sections and 3D Visualization: Map Editor. GIS mapping direct from database. Cross-section interpretation tools. 3D surfaces and fence diagrams. Geologic and Geophysical Log Editor. Data editing and interpretation tools. Includes multi-well geophysical log cross-plotting, multi-variant statistical analysis and pattern-recognition tools. WebServer Interface. Full access to a shared database via any web browser.
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DXF 
Images  :  Windows metafile 
Supplier in Canada  Earthfx Incorporated 

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