Category Settlement analysis
Publisher  Geotec Software 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000
Status Freeware
Description ELPLA (Elastic PLAte) is a program for analyzing the soil-structure interaction of slab foundations of arbitary shape by the finite element method. Foundations may be flexible, elastic or rigid. It can model the effect of external loads, neighboring foundations, tunneling and the influence of temperature change on the slab. The slab can be of any shape and variable thickness with arbitary applied loads. Calculation methods: Linear contact pressure; Constant or variable modulus of subgrade reaction; Modification of modulus of subgrade reaction by iteration; Isotropic elastic half space; Modulus of compressibility by iteration or elimination; Rigid slab on compressible subsoil. The soil profile is defined by a number of borings each with multiple layers. Soil layers may vary in thickness or be discontinuous across the model. Loading and reloading modulus of compressibility are considered for each soil layer. Boundary conditions: Elastic or fixed rotations and deflections; Translational and rotational springs. The reinforcement of the slab is determined according to the following methods: EC2; DIN1045; ACI; ECP; Elastic (working stress) design method; Limit state design method. Output: slab geometry, boring locations, soil profiles, loadings, boundary conditions, settlements, deformation, contact pressures, moments, shear, modulus of subgrade reactions, area of steel. Graphical output as isometric or plan views can be saved in WMF format. Tabular output in ASCII text files. The program is now part of the commercial GEOTEC Office Package, but a limited functionality version is available on the WWW.
Cost Free limited version on WWW
Data formats supported Images  :  Windows metafile 
Supplier in Egypt  Geotec Software 

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