Category Numerical analysis (rock)
Publisher  Mine Modelling Pty Limited 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, UNIX
Status Commercial
Description Map3D is a 3D rock stability analysis package using the Indirect Boundary Element Method and incorporates simultaneous use of fictitious force, displacement discontinuity and special proprietary boundary elements incorporated for the thermal and non-linear analysis versions. The program is used to construct models, analyse and display displacements, strains, stresses and strength factors. Full 3D and tabular stress analysis. Elastic, non-linear, creep and thermal/fluid flow options. Fault slip and fracture analysis capability. Simulation of stiff dykes, weak schist zones and backfill. Models can include rock slopes, open pits, tunnels, fractures and underground excavations, with yielding (non-linear) zones of different moduli (e.g. stiff dykes or soft ore zones) and loads due to steady state thermal/fluid flow. Excavations can be intersected by multiple discrete faults (non-planar and gouge filled) that slip and open. Completely self-contained CAD/CAE Boolean intersection model building. Multi-step mining sequences can be created using the built-in CAD functionality, constructed using AutoCAD DXF or entered from an ASCII input file. Micro-seismic event location can be superimposed over stress analysis results and/or colour contoured in real time. Map3D is available in three commercial versions: Map3D-SV the Standard Version, features a built in CAD interface, and the ability to analyse very large problem sizes (up to 64000 elements - 200000 degrees of freedom), multiple elastic zones with different moduli (stiff dykes or soft ore), discrete fault planes that slip and dilate are simulated. The faults may be non-planar and gouge filled, and are permitted to intersect other faults. Map3D-TF the Thermal stress/Fluid flow analysis version, adds steady state thermal stress/fluid flow analysis to the standard version. The program is set up so that the user need only specify the temperature/head boundary conditions, then the thermal stress problem is solved simultaneously. This feature is useful for simulation of heating/cooling effects and drained/undrained response. Map3D-NL the Non-Linear version, adds the capability for the rock to yield to loads that exceed the rock strength, and deform non-linearly to dissipate the excess stresses. This feature is useful for simulation of thick seams, over-stressed pillars, abutments, backfill and creep response. All versions of Map3D are available in either 16000 or 64000 element versions. Larger models can be provided if required.
Cost Map3D-SV US Dollars 1500/year. Map3D-TF US Dollars 2250/year. Map3D-NL US Dollars 3000/year
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DXF 
Supplier in Australia  MINCAD Systems Pty. Ltd 
Supplier in Australia  Mine Modelling Pty Limited 
Supplier in Canada  GRC - Laurentian University 
Supplier in South Africa  CSIR Division of Mining Technology 
Supplier in South Africa  ISS International Ltd 

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