MidTex DLG Reader v1.0
Category Mapping
Publisher  MidTex Mapping Services Co. 
Platform DOS, AutoCAD R12 for DOS
Status Commercial
Description MidTex DLG Reader v1.0 is an import utility that runs as a native ADS application. It will read both 1:24000 scale and 1:100K scale DLGs that are freely available over the Internet. Creates basemaps that span several layers by allowing the user to pull in all or selected DLGs in one step. Converts the imported DLGs from their native UTM format to any of the popular coordinate systems (NAD27, NAD83, State Plane, UTM, feet, meters). Context sensitive help system. GNIS name files are also supported. Fully configurable layering scheme.
Cost US Dollars 100
Data formats supported Mapping and GIS  :  DLG 
Supplier in United States of America  MidTex Mapping Services Co. 

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