SPW 911
Category Retaining wall design
Publisher  Pile Buck 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description SPW 911 is a program for the analysis of cantilevered or anchored sheet pile walls by the Free Earth Support Method for Steel, Timber, Aluminum, or Concrete Sheet Piling Structures. Determines: Penetration into the bottom required for minimum stability; Anchor Force (for anchored walls); Point of Zero Shear; Maximum Bending Moment. Accommodates granular soil, cohesive soil, or cohesive with granular backfill - Anchored or Cantilevered Walls - English or SI units - With or without a water table - Uniform Surcharge - Two changes in soil properties (one above and one below the excavation line) - Input can be entered in accordance with instruction on the monitor without need to consult a user's guide. Can be applied to flexible walls (Steel, Timber, Aluminum or Concrete).
Cost US Dollars 68
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  Pile Buck 

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