Category Numerical analysis (soil)
Publisher  University of Western Ontario 
Platform UNIX, IBM, Sun
Status Commercial
Description WANFE is a finite element analysis of a variety of non-linear multi-dimensional problems. Features include 3D analysis with visco-elastic material response, 2D analysis of geotechnical problems with construction, excavation, elastoplastic material response, and the large deformation analysis of materially non-linear soil-structure interaction. FMESH: Mesh generator for WANFE featuring solid, structural and interface models. Mesh generation undertaken using distorted grids of elements and/or triangulation infill of defined regions with specified element density. POSTP: Post-processor for WANFE. Features include contouring of stress, nodal vector and displacement plots, stress-path calculations for specific points, distributions of structural stress resultants and/or interface force resultants and distributions of plastic failure.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  University of Western Ontario 

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