Category Contaminant modelling
Publisher  National Water Research Institute 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description EXPRES is an expert system that enables those who are knowledgeable but not experts in numerical modelling, contaminant hydrogeology or pesticide chemistry, to assess the potential for groundwater contamination due to pesticide usage. It combines pesticide simulation and screening models, extensive geographical and pesticide databases, a data management system, and a text and graphically-based user- system interface within a knowledge based system. By incorporating three models and a data management system, it is designed to provide a wide range of assessments of varying complexity. Especially useful to regulatory personnel, hydrogeologists and agricultural specialists for predicting the mobility, retention and persistence of pesticides within the subsurface, and assessing the potential for groundwater contamination. Range of assessments of varying complexity, including: A review of the pesticide properties and characteristics of agricultural zones that influence the fate of pesticides in the subsurface, as well as a ranking of pesticides based on their properties; A simple relative assessment of the potential for a pesticide to leach to the water table; A quantitative prediction of pesticide concentrations and migration rates in the subsurface, with respect to both time and depth of a pesticide and its daughter products; Detailed sensitivity analyses of the factors controlling the fate of pesticides in the unsaturated zone. Two simulation models (PRZM, LEACHM) and 1 screening model (LP/LI). Contains an extensive database of chemical and environmental properties (e.g., solubility, t1/2, KOC, KH, KOW, S, application mode, designated crops, synonyms, etc.) of 175 pesticides. Contains a database of groundwater conditions, soil properties, meteorological data, crops grown and agricultural practices, for 22 major agricultural regions of Canada. Databases are expandable for user-supplied pesticides and agricultural regions outside Canada.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  National Water Research Institute 

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