Category Contaminant transport (3D)
Publisher  GeoTrans, Inc. 
Platform DOS, Win3x, Win95/98, WinNT
Status Commercial
Description MODFLOWT is a new version of MODFLOW that includes modules for simulating 3D contaminant transport. Solves equations for advective-dispersive transport using fully-implicit finite-difference. Fully compatible with previous versions of MODFLOW. New modules include Basic Transport, Block-Centered Transport and an Orthomin Solver. Features include: optional expansion of dispersion cross products, vertical dispersivity, automatic time stepping, restart capabilities, dynamic memory allocation. Authored by Glenn Duffield of Hydrosolve.
Cost Standard Version US Dollars 500, Professional Version US Dollars 1,000
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  GeoTrans, Inc. 
Supplier in United States of America  Scientific Software Group 

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