Environmental WorkBench
Category Plotting (3D visualisation)
Publisher  SSESCO 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, UNIX
Status Commercial
Description Environmental WorkBench is a suite of integrated applications for processing Environmental Data to analyse and visualise large datasets. Interfaces to many models and monitoring sources. Main features: Random access file structure using the netCDF based public domain MeRAF file system with support for gridded, discrete (non-grid-based observation), and particle types; Support for Geo-Referenced or Cartesian coordinate systems; Object oriented Graphical User Interface (GUI); Tools for converting model and observational data-sets and data writers to MeRAF; Interactive rotation/translation of scenes in 3D space; Time sequencing controls to step forward/backward, animate sequentially, or go to a chosen time step; including multiple asynchronous or non-uniform time steps; Handles regular (ijk) grids or irregular triangulated grids; Interactive slicers to select cross-sections through 3D data-sets; geo-referenced slicer that gives feedback in geographic units dependent on the current coordinate system; ijk slicer based on the indexing information of the 3D grid; arbitrary slicer to slice along non-orthogonal angles and at varying resolutions; Display operators available on the slices; contour lines with selectable contour levels and selectable line widths; colour shading by data value with variable transparency level and clipping by data value; arrow and streamline representation for vector quantities; positional reference lines at user selected intervals, and selectable line widths; colour coded shapes at each grid node with clipping by data value; drape map onto 3D slice; display of model grid geometry; coloured lines display of data value with clipping by data value; Skew-T diagrams available for meteorological data; Multiple 3D isosurfaces at selected parameters and values with variable transparency; Display of particle positions with colouring by type, height, and source; Display of discrete data using coloured spheres and labels for scalar data and arrows for vectors; Multiple user definable colour maps to which isosurface and coloured field shading may be separately assigned; On screen annotation for generation of report ready figures; Image export in any of the common image formats (gif, tiff, encapsulated postscript, etc.); handling of missing or bad data values by all the graphics rendering routines; Automatic data synchronization to allow automatic screen updating as new data arrives; Two and three-dimensional interpolation from scattered observations to a grid, using the Natural Neighbor Method. Display maps as 2D or 3D objects (draped on a surface). Map formats include USGS, AutoCad DXF and ArcView Shapefiles.
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DWG   :  DXF 
Images  :  Graphics Interchange Format   :  Tagged Image File 
Mapping and GIS  :  Shape 
Printer  :  Encapsulated postscript 
Supplier in United States of America  SSESCO 

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