Category Settlement analysis
Publisher  SINTEF Civil and Environmental Engineering 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description ENKONS/PC is a finite element program for 1D consolidation of soils with stress dependent confined compression modulus and stress or strain dependent permeability. Deformations, strains, pore pressures and effective stresses may be printed for each time step. Loads may be applied instantaneously or as a function of time. Boundary conditions may be specified as a function of time. Nodal data, excess pore pressure and settlement, and element data, strain and changes in pore pressure and stresses, may be printed out at chosen times. The pore pressure and displacement history of specified nodes may be listed for chosen nodes. Graphical plot of the results from analyses may be presented on Postscript, HP LaserJet or HP pen-plotter devices. Has its own graphical interface.
Cost Norwegian Kroner 9000
Data formats supported Printer  :  Encapsulated postscript 
Supplier in Norway  SINTEF Civil and Environmental Engineering 

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