Category Numerical analysis (general)
Publisher  ITASCA Consulting Group, Inc. 
Platform DOS, UNIX, SUN
Status Commercial
Description PFC (Particle Flow Code) for analysing complicated problems in both granular flow and solid mechanics using the Distinct Element Method. PFC2D is a program for modelling the movement and interaction of assemblies of arbitrarily sized circular particles and PFC3D (sold separately) is a program for modelling the movement and interaction of assemblies of arbitrarily-sized spherical particles. The particles may represent individual grains in a granular material or they may be bonded together to represent a solid material, in which case, fracturing occurs via progressive bond breakage. Solution by the distinct element method allows dynamic stress waves to propagate through the particle assembly, which may exhibit slip or separation, with unlimited displacement, under the action of applied loading. Bonded assemblies exhibit complex macroscopic behaviour such as strain softening, dilation and fracturing that arise from extensive microcracking. The particles are rigid but deform locally at contact points using a soft-contact approach, in which finite normal and shear stiffnesses are taken to represent measurable contact stiffnesses. Any property or parameter, including particle radius, may be changed at any time during a simulation. Walls composed of multiple linear (PFC2D) or polygonal (PFC3D) segments, impose velocity boundary conditions upon the particles. Particle motion may be controlled by prescribing velocity or applied force. Built-in programming language provides full access to internal state variables. It can also be used to extend the functionality of the codes allowing user to customise numerical analyses, define special conditions. A reduced function student version of PFC2D is available for purchase.
Cost PFC2D US Dollars 3,750 PFC3D US Dollars 18,750
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Brazil  GEOCOMPANY Tecnologia, Engenharia e Meio - Ambient 
Supplier in Canada  Itasca Consulting Canada Inc 
Supplier in Chile  Itasca S.A. 
Supplier in France  Itasca Consultants S.A. 
Supplier in Germany  Itasca Consultants GmbH 
Supplier in Greece  Neotek 
Supplier in Japan  CRC Research Institute Inc 
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Supplier in United Kingdom  Mott MacDonald 
Supplier in United States of America  Hydrologic Consultants, Inc. (HCI) 
Supplier in United States of America  ITASCA Consulting Group, Inc. 

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