Category Contaminant transport (3D)
Publisher  SS Papadopulos & Associates Inc 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description ModIME is a Modular Integrated Modeling Environment developed for the groundwater flow, particle tracking, and solute transport codes MODFLOW (McDonald and Harbaugh, 1988), PATH3D (Zheng, 1991) and MT3D (Zheng, 1992). Allows users to prepare input data, run the simulation codes, and post-process the results interactively in a graphical environment. Key features of ModIME include: - A graphical pre-processing environment for specifying the model parameters, designing the model grid and assembling the model database files; the full-screen graphical editor can be used to import files, and enter and modify input data directly on a display of the model grid and base map. Individual layers can be viewed in areal or in zoom mode. Algorithms for automatically generating MODFLOW, PATH3D and MT3D input files from basic data such as aquifer hydraulic properties, and river geometry and stages. A zoom capability for designing and executing higher resolution calculations in subregions of the model. Comprehensive on-line help. The documentation of ModIME includes descriptions of the set-up of a simulation, building of the model database, simulation and postprocessing, as well as a tutorial using an example problem but does not include the MODFLOW, MT3D or PATH3D manuals. A graphical postprocessing environment for displaying and analysing the results of the MODFLOW, PATH3D and MT3D simulations; post-processing capabilities include the display of areal and cross-sectional water level and concentration contour maps, pathlines, hydrographs and concentration breakthrough curves at selected monitoring locations. ModIME can be used to compare observed and simulated water levels, and produce detailed flow budgets.
Cost US Dollars 350
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  SS Papadopulos & Associates Inc 

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