Category Contaminant modelling
Publisher  International Ground Water Modeling Center 
Platform DOS
Status Public domain
Description ICE-1 is a research model for the analysis of coupled flow of water, heat and solute in unsaturated, partially frozen soils, including heave effects. The model is based on solving simultaneously equations representing the suction-water content relationship, the hydraulic conductivity function, equation of state for energy of the liquid phase, approximate time integral of Darcy's law, approximate time integral of the Fournier heat diffusion equation, and the mass balance of solutes. The soil column is divided into elements, each one centimetre thick. It is assumed that the soil hydraulic and thermal properties are known, as well as the initial condition. The soil surface temperature should be specified at all times. The code employs a temperature distribution that decreases as a linear function of time with an upper limit on the (negative) temperature. Two conditions may be specified at the lower boundary: either a zero water flow boundary or a flux boundary. A specified temperature boundary condition is assume at the lower boundary. The program computes and displays for given depth, temperature, liquid water content, total water content, salt content, heaving pressure and overburden pressure. It also computes latent heat and total heave. Interactive data entry and correction, graphic display of results, and writing results to a file for printing and inclusion in reports.
Cost US Dollars 50
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  International Ground Water Modeling Center 

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