Category Contaminant transport (3D)
Platform DOS
Status Public domain
Description HPS is an analytical model for simulating 3D contaminant transport from a Horizontal Plane Source in a uniform regional groundwater flow field. The model incorporates advective and dispersive (scale-dependent) transport, retardation, and first-order decay. The model supports multiple sources with either continuous or time-varying source releases. Source strength is internally calculated from source concentration, recharge rate, and source area. A combination of Green's functions are used to derive a solution for the instantaneous release from a plane source in a homogeneous aquifer. A convolution integral is applied to allow calculations for non-instantaneous releases. The model is well-suited to make screening-level calculations regarding contaminant transport from landfills, waste lagoons, land treatment facilities, and areas of pesticide applications. The model has a simple, text-based data entry interface with options to save data in a file, or to run a previously prepared data file. Output is echoed on screen and in a text file. Optionally, results can be saved in a x-y-z-C file for graphic postprocessing.
Cost US Dollars 50
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  International Ground Water Modeling Center 

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