Category Geophysics (surface)
Publisher  Moscow University 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description IPI-1D is a set of programs for VES data calculation, processing, 1D interpretation and results imaging. Includes: 1D forward VES decision for 5 arrays. Program to calculate Rho_a from dU & J, to prepare united curve from segmented curve and to edit errors in data. Data visualisation as VES curves along profile and Rho_a pseudo cross-section. Interpretation of VES data at one profile manually or automatically, by fitting theoretical curve with experimental one and looking at interpretation result (cross-section) along profile. Statistical VES data processing, calculation and drawing mean and median VES curves and data dispersion depending on distance, statistical contour map of Rho_a frequencies. Equivalence principle estimation for any VES interpretation result. Plot results as geoelectrical cross-section with relief, layers, scales, legend. Printing on matrix, laser, inkjet printer or in *.bmp file format. For scattered VES data it is possible to create profiles and carry out co-ordinated interpretation at profile crossing points, to draw Rho_a maps for any AB/2 distance. Manual includes 30 pages of text and figures. Programs copy protected.
Cost GB Pounds 325, 650 or 820 depending on program set
Data formats supported Images  :  Windows bitmap 
Supplier in Russian Federation  Moscow University 

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