Software for Landslide and Tunnelling Hazards
Category Geotechnical software suites
Platform Win95/98
Status Commercial
Description Software for (Engineering Control of) Landslide and Tunnelling Hazards is a book by Singh and Goel with an included collection of programs on CDROM. There are 18 practical and field-tested software packages on landslides in soil and rock and 6 packages on tunnels, along with source programs, user manuals and solved examples. The programs on back analysis of rock/soil slopes analyse shear strength parameters along potential failure surfaces and include approximate estimation of the dynamic settlement of slopes during earthquake. The programs on tunnels/shafts can be used for on-the-spot-design of support with shotcrete/SFRS and rock bolts. The program on squeezing deals with the most challenging problem of tunnelling in weak rocks.
Cost US Dollars 109
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Netherlands  A.A.Balkema Publishers 

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