Category Instrumentation
Publisher  Keynetix Ltd 
Platform Web/Java
Status Commercial
Description MonitoringPoint is an on-line subscription service that makes data from remote sensors available via an Internet browser through a standard PC connection. The sensors may be of any type (displacement, load, temperature etc) and may be automatically data-logged or manually read. The web site provides an interactive Geographical Information System (GIS) whereby users can locate the installations of interest on the map or site plan and display the data, current or historical, using a dynamic graphical interface. The data format used is compatible with the AGS data format for monitoring data (AGS-M). There is a trial set of data on-line taken from a small selection of exposed sensors on the Ashford section of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, which the visitor may inspect to evaluate the system.
Data formats supported Geotechnical  :  AGS   :  AGS-M 
Supplier in United Kingdom  Keynetix Ltd 

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