Category Piles (single)
Publisher  AB Chance International 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000
Status Commercial
Description HeliCAP calculates the bearing and/or uplift capacity of AB Chance screw anchor/foundations. The software can be used in the analysis of applications such as remedial underpinning of existing structures, deep foundations for new construction, uplift resistance for guyed structures, tiebacks and soil nails for earth retention structures, and tiedowns for seismic/wind loads. Options for analysis of screw anchors used in Compression, Tension, Tieback and as Soil Nails. For Compression and Tension applications anchors are placed at the top of the soil profile. For Tieback and Soil Nail applications anchors are placed at the side of the soil profile. A soil profile and water table can be defined. The user must select an anchor family, the number of helices, and helix configuration. The user can also select user configuration to design his/her own anchor configurations. The user configuration option is limited by design constraints that dictate allowable helix diameters and combinations. The installation angle, datum depth, and anchor length can be varied. The program calculates capacity using the current soil data and anchor configuration settings from the worksheet for all displayed anchors. The results are displayed in tabular form. In addition, it will calculate and graphically display the capacity vs. depth, and torque vs. depth for the tension, compression and tieback cases.
Cost US Dollars 250
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  AB Chance International 

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