Category Contract Planning and Management
Publisher  PIZER Incorporated 
Platform DOS, Win95/98, WinNT
Status Commercial
Description EARTH is a quantity calculation tool for excavation, paving, and grading. It does not require use of a CAD program. It takes cross-section data for both existing and proposed ground levels and calculates the volume of earth to be removed and added. Cross-sections and profiles are plotted and station and total quantities are calculated. Calculates earthwork quantities using Average End Area method or a modified Prismatic Method. Accounts for soil shrinkage and swell factors at any point. Computes multi-layered earthwork jobs for progress payments. Print cross-sections, profiles, and quantities tables. Output cross-sections or profiles to a DXF for plotting in AutoCAD or other CAD program.
Cost US Dollars 500
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DXF 
Supplier in United States of America  PIZER Incorporated 

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