Category Mapping
Publisher  Pangaea Scientific 
Platform Win3x
Status Commercial
Description GMM (Geological Map Maker) plots structural data on geological maps. Enter the field structural measurements, along with the station coordinates, and it will plot the structural map. Features: Enter the field data in our spreadsheet-like editor or import a database in ASCII form. Do complex Boolean searches of the data, with multiple-field querying; plot all or selected data. Plot maps with any Windows installed printer or plotter that supports rotatable TrueType or Adobe Type 1 fonts. Export the maps in vector form to other Windows applications using WMF format (clipboard or disk file). Customize the editor (change column order, size, title, font); supports a variety of structural data formats. Use your own numeric map coordinate system and choose the map and symbol sizes.
Cost US Dollars 99 / Canadian Dollars 120
Data formats supported Images  :  Windows metafile 
Supplier in Canada  Pangaea Scientific 

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