Category Settlement analysis
Publisher  Prototype Engineering, Inc. 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000
Status Commercial
Description WINSAF-I computes one-dimensional settlements by summing the vertical strains along a vertical profile; this is the classic method of estimating settlements under design loads. The program is part of the Productivity Tools for Geotechnical Engineers suite of programs, but is also available separately. The profile is modeled as a set of horizontal layers. Stresses are found from either Bossinesq's or Westergaard's solutions for vertical surface loads on a half-space. Eleven surface loading options are available: rectangular loads, circular loads, uniform vertical strip load, uniform horizontal strip load, vertical strip load increasing linearly across the strip, strip load with symmetrical triangular cross-section, strip load with unsymmetrical triangular cross-section, strip embankment load rising linearly to a level value and remaining constant across the rest of the strip, strip symmetrical embankment loading with equal linear rise and fall across the width of the strip, strip loading with arbitrary cross-section, and conditions at the end of a strip fill. The user can also specify an increment of stress throughout the profile. In the case of rectangular or circular loads, the user can specify up to 25 simultaneous loads. Four methods are used to compute settlement: by the change in void ratio computed from the stress changes, by the vertical strain computed from the stress changes, from predetermined changes in void ratio or from compression and rebound curves, and from stress changes multiplied by the coefficient of volume change. The values of the compression, recompression, and swelling indices can be described by several standard procedures. The user can also specify the prior stress history to separate compression, recompression, and rebound effects. Output can be printed or saved in an electronic file for later manipulation by a word processor. The help files include description of the mathematical background and five worked examples representing a variety of situations that arise in practice. Units can be either British, conventional metric, or SI.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  Prototype Engineering, Inc. 

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