SESOIL Version 2.1
Category Contaminant transport (1D)
Platform DOS
Status Public domain
Description SESOIL is a one-dimensional vertical transport screening-level model for the unsaturated (vadose) zone that simulates transport and fate based on diffusion, adsorption, volatilization, biodegradation, cation exchange and hydrolysis. Contaminant transport can be simulated with biodegradation simulated as a first-order decay process. It can be used to simulate the fate of residual contaminant levels in soil to establish site-specific cleanup objectives. It can also simulate time-dependent releases from underground storage tanks, landfills and agricultural practices. It was developed for US Environmental Protection Agency in 1981. Includes a 38-page user's guide and sample input files. The user's guide contains a description of the model input parameters and model results.
Cost Free on WWW
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  Environmental Software Consultants, Inc. 

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