Category Groundwater flow (2D)
Publisher  GEO-SLOPE International Ltd. 
Platform Win2000, WinXP, Vista
Status Commercial
Description SEEP/W is a finite element program for groundwater seepage analysis. Analysis types include: saturated and unsaturated flow, seepage as a function of time, infiltration of precipitation, migration of wetting front, excess pore water pressure dissipation, steady state flow, transient flow, confined and unconfined flow, 2D flow in vertical plane, 3D axisymmetric flow, 2D flow in plan view. Boundary conditions can be modelled: constant hydraulic head and/or flux, transient head and/or flux as a function of time, flux as a function of computed head, review and automatic modification of seepage face conditions. The hydraulic conductivity properties can be modelled as discrete data points in unsaturated zones and for transient processes. The hydraulic conductivity can also be defined as anisotropic in two orthogonal directions. Computes total flux across user defined lines for single or multiple flux sections. The processing can be halted and restarted at any time in transient analyses. The output consists of: contours and shaded contours, velocity vectors scaled by relative flow rate, changing water table position as a function of time, flux section, contours and graphs of parameters, plots of convergence as the analysis proceeds. The computed data may be exported to another application. New features in 2007 version: Multiple analyses of similar or different types can be done in a single project file. Different solutions can be compared in the same file. Staged analyses can be done for construction sequencing with moving boundary conditions. Define boundary conditions and material properties by geometry region, rather than on the finite element mesh. Unstructured quadrilateral mesh with fine-tuning options. Interface elements can be added on lines to model soil-structure interactions, liners and geo-fabrics, cutoff walls and wick drains. Define a results graph on a geometry object (line, point, or region) or on a cut line or plane. Plot multiple results graphs together to compare data. Make a movie of analysis results to show how results change over time. Custom user add-in functions to define material property or boundary condition functions using internal solver data or external data held in Excel or any other .NET program. Examples with a detailed discussion on how to use and apply the relevant features and how to interpret the results. Fault-tolerant licensing on a wide area network. AIR/W can be used as a plug-in to account for (ua-uw) matric pressures. Fully saturated/unsaturated and saturated only material models. Boundary conditions are preserved if you change the mesh. Time stepping setup and results saving scheme. Built-in sample soil property functions. Options for Van Genuchten functions. A free evaluation version is available.
Cost US Dollars 4,495, free evaluation version
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  GEO-SLOPE International Ltd. 

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