Category Geochemistry
Publisher  US Environmental Protection Agency 
Platform DOS
Status Public domain
Description Soil Transport and Fate (STF) presents quantitative and qualitative information concerning the behavior of organic and inorganic chemicals in soil environments. It consists of three major components: (1) the STF data base; the Vadose Zone Interactive Processes model (VIP); and (3) the Regulatory and Investigative Treatment Zone model (RITZ). It also includes the VIP and RITZ model data editors. The STF database is divided in seven files: (1) identification; (2) references; (3) chemical characterization; (4) immobilization; (5) transformation/degradation; (6) toxicity; and (7) bioconcentration. Approximately 400 chemicals are included. The immobilization file includes information concerning partitioning, immobility, and transport of the chemicals in various soils.
Cost Free on WWW
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  US Environmental Protection Agency 

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