Vector Rose
Category Plotting (special)
Publisher  PAZ Software 
Platform Mac
Status Commercial
Description Vector Rose is an orientation analysis application that calculates circular-normal statistics and plots a circular histogram, linear histogram or class frequencies for any set of angular data, or any data with a circular normal distribution. Statistics include: number of observations; maximum class frequency; maximum class frequency by %; class mode; azimuth of resultant vector; standard angular deviation; mean resultant length or polar coordinate; distance from origin; vector magnitude or length of the resultant vector; consistancy ratio or % of normalized magnitude of resultant vector; Rayleigh test; F-test; Watson's two-sample nonparametric test. The program features unidirectional or bidirectional circular (rose or flight-bearing) histograms, with the diagrams scaled relative to maximum class frequency (length or equal area), or scaled relative to 100%. Class interval limits are provided for all divisions evenly divisable into 360, from 1 to 180 degrees. The axis scale may be represented as concentric circles or as a vertical line with tick marks. The position of North or 0 degrees can be rotated to any desired position. Data can be entered by reading text files (Excel, Word, SimpleTEXT, etc.). All data is error checked.
Cost US Dollars 150
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Excel 
Documents  :  Word 
Supplier in United States of America  PAZ Software 

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