Category Numerical analysis (general)
Publisher  TNO DIANA 
Status Commercial
Description DIANA is a multi-purpose 2D and 3D finite element program with applications in soil mechanics, rock mechanics and groundwater flow. Stress elements: plane strain elements and axi-symmetric (quadrilateral, triangular, linear, quadratic, quartic), 3D solid elements (tetrahedra, prisms, hexahedra, linear, quadratic and cubic), beam elements (quadratic, cubic and quartic), plate and shell elements (quadratic and cubic), interface elements (nodal and line for 2D, plane for 3D, linear, quadratic, cubic and quartic), anchor elements. Flow elements: steady state or transient flow and saturated and unsaturated (2D and 3D linear and quadratic), layer elements for 2D regional flow, 1D and 2D boundary elements, 2D interface elements. Plasticity models: Tresca, von Mises, Mohr-Coulomb, Drucker-Prager yield criteria, associated and non-associated plasticity, friction hardening and cohesion softening, drained and undrained elastic and plastic, non-linear elastic, overlay models for hysteresis and cyclic modelling. Interface models: associated and non-associated Coulomb friction, friction hardening and cohesion softening, combined friction with gap formation, discrete cracking with softening and shear transfer, non-linear elastic. Crack models: non-orthogonal multi-directional smeared cracking, discrete cracking in interface elements, tension cut-off, tensile softening, constant and crack width dependent shear retention. Granular material model: non-linear elastic Boyce. Combination non-linear models: temperature dependence, cracking and plasticity, geometrical and physical non-linearity. Initial conditions: initial stress, incorporating linear analysis, OCR, Ko. Different types of iterative and direct matrix inversion procedures. Groundwater flow: horizontal 2.5D multi-layer flow for regional analysis, saturated and unsaturated 2D and 3D flow with seepage faces, linear and non-linear, steady state and transient. Flow stress: staggered flow stress, true coupled flow stress for consolidation analysis, 3 phase modelling including chemical effects and swelling. Fluid structure interaction: potential flow fluid modelling, incompressible Navier-Stokes fluid modelling. Phased analysis: addition/removal of elements, addition/removal of supports and tyings. Pre and post-processor: mesh generation, plotting of total deformations, incremental deformations, stresses, principal stresses, plastic points etc, couples to external pre and post-processors such as FEMGEN/FEMVIEW, Patran and Supertab. Parameter estimation for back analysis and determination of material and geometrical parameters.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Japan  JIP Techno-Science Corporation (JTS) 
Supplier in Netherlands  TNO DIANA BV 
Supplier in Norway  Teknisk Data AS 
Supplier in Poland  Datacomp Software Systems Application Company 
Supplier in United Kingdom  TNO DIANA 
Supplier in United Kingdom  Wilde FEA Ltd 
Supplier in United States of America  TNO DIANA North America Inc. 

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