Category Numerical analysis (general)
Publisher  FEA Ltd 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, UNIX
Status Commercial
Description LUSAS is a program for finite element analysis in structural and civil engineering, but with capabilities for soil and groundwater modelling. Element library including: Plane frame/truss, grillage, space frame/truss, plane stress/strain continuum, axisymmetric solid continuum, solid continuum, plate flexure (thick + thin), ribbed plates, flat thin membranes, flat thick + thin shells, axisymmetric membranes, axisymmetric thin shells, generalised joint/springs/gaps, curved bars, curved thick + thin beams, curved cables, curved thin semiloof shells, curved thick + thin shells, curved solids (high order), axisymmetric solid continuum with non-axisymmetric loading. Materials including: Isotropic, orthotropic, anisotropic and rigidity models, temperature dependency. Analysis types: Linear static stress analysis, Linear buckling, Natural frequency analysis, Fatigue analysis, nonlinear, dynamic, field analysis problems and coupled 2-phase solution of soil consolidation problems. Nonlinear analysis features: Large displacement, large rotation and large strain geometric nonlinearities; Material nonlinearity including plasticity, concrete, damage, volumetric, geotechnical, rubber, creep, temperature dependent, and user supplied models; Incremental, iterative, line search and arc length solution procedures; Follower forces; Slideline/slidesurface contact algorithms. Dynamic analysis features: Spectral and forced response; Modal or Rayleigh damping; Transient dynamics; Automatic time step selection; Nonlinear dynamics; Time dependent materials and loading. Field analysis features: Steady state and transient; Linear, nonlinear and field dependent material models; Automatic time steps; Link, line, plane, axisymmetric and solid field elements; Structural composites analysis features: Reinforced concrete modelling; Structural plastics.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United Kingdom  FEA Ltd 

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