Spatial Explorer
Category Geological modelling
Publisher  Schreiber Instruments Inc 
Platform DOS, Win3x, Win95/98, WinNT, UNIX, AutoCAD
Status Commercial
Description Spatial Explorer is a geological modelling add-on for AutoCAD for visualising and plotting complex 3D spatial data. 2D and 3D cross-sections, fence diagrams, block models, and 3D wellbore diagrams may be constructed. Cut arbitrary cross-sections through a sequence of stacked surfaces such as stratigraphic units, groundwater levels, or contaminant iso-surfaces. The raw data may be an ASCII text file of X, Y, Z points (typically from borehole logs) representing where the surfaces are penetrated by a borehole. Handles subsurface problems relating to groundwater contamination modelling, civil engineering design, mine design, and petroleum exploration. Both imperial and metric (SI) units are supported.
Cost US Dollars 495
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DWG 
Supplier in United States of America  Schreiber Instruments Inc 

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