Category Database systems (general)
Publisher  Lynx Geosystems Inc 
Platform UNIX
Status Commercial
Description LYNX is a complete software system of 3D application tools for characterisation, analysis and geo-engineering of the subsurface. From 3D integration of all geo-data sources to prediction, risk assessment and visualisation of complex conditions with application across the geosciences. Comprehensive suite of application modules. The base system functionality for full 3D geological characterisation can be extended by surface and underground engineering options and enhanced by the 3D visualisation option. LYNX is available with single, multi-seat or network licensing options for a range of graphic workstations. Integrated 3D functionality; Total information management; Interactive geological interpretation; Geostatistical prediction; Spatial analysis and query tools; Surface & underground geo-engineering; Risk assessment and planning; Presentation quality visuals. Links to CAD, GIS and spreadsheet systems. Borehole logs, maps, samples, plans, surveys, sections, surfaces, volumes and gridded variations are accessible with a range of analytical reporting and visualisation options. Applications: Mineral and energy resource evaluation; Surface and underground mining; Environmental contamination assessment; Remediation planning and design; Geotechnical and tunnelling applications.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  Lynx Geosystems Inc 

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