Category Piles (lateral loading and groups)
Publisher  University of Western Australia 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description Piglet allows analysis of the elastic response of pile groups, under working load conditions, to provide stiffness and flexibility matrices for the pile cap (including torsional modes), axial, lateral and moment loading at the head of each pile, and profiles of bending moment and lateral deflection down selected piles. Piles are permitted to rake in any direction, and groups of up to 300 piles may be analysed provided sufficient extended memory is available. Input data for the program are prepared in a screen-editor, allowing interactive editing of parameters and group geometry. A detailed user manual is provided, and help screens are available during data entry. The main program features are: Fast closed-form elastic solutions with full pile-soil-pile interaction; Independent soil modulus values for axial and lateral loading; Rigid or flexible pile cap (for vertical loading only); Piles pinned or fixed to pile cap for horizontal loading; Three-dimensional raking and loading of piles (including torsion); Full stiffness and flexibility matrices developed for (rigid) pile cap; Axial and lateral load and bending moments at head of each pile; Profiles of bending moment and/or lateral deflection for specified piles.
Cost GB Pounds 500 (multi-user licence)
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Australia  University of Western Australia 

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