Aquifer Test Toolbox
Category Aquifer test analysis
Publisher  Creative Scientific Applications 
Platform Win3x, Win95/98, WinNT, Mac, PowerMac, Excel
Status Commercial
Description The Aquifer Test Toolbox (ATT) is a series of Excel 5.0 workbooks containing worksheets, charts and macros designed for the display and analysis of aquifer test data. Contains the commonly used test methods: Theis, Cooper-Jacob (with Hantush's modification for leaky conditions), Walton, and Hantush Inflection Point pumping tests; Theis Recovery Line-Fit and Curve Match Method; Hvorslev, and Bouwer & Rice Slug Test Methods; Birsoy-Summers Variable Discharge Rate Method; Stallman Single-Boundary Method; Bierschenk Step Test Method; and Falling Head vertical hydraulic conductivity tests. Workbooks are completely interactive with macro button data management and analysis assistants. Print the blank data entry forms and use in the field for data collection. Combines all data, results and graphs in one report. Linear regression methods are automatic or completely interactive with supporting graphs and statistics provided to assist the analyst. Curve matching methods are similar and include data point weighting and partial fitting. Includes several additional workbooks that provide additional tools for water budgets, double-packer testing, drawdown calculators and more. Demonstration available on WWW.
Cost US Dollars 219 or GB Pounds 150
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Excel 
Supplier in United States of America  Creative Scientific Applications 

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