Category Geoenvironmental database systems
Publisher  VSA Earth Resource Consultants (Pty) Ltd 
Platform DOS, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description AQUABASE is a system for the storage and retrieval of surface water and groundwater related data: Basic site information, Surface water flow rate and stage height, Chemistry (water, soil, pellets etc.), Groundwater level and discharge rate, Pumping test information, Geological logs and aquifer information, Borehole construction details, Site owner and references, Storage and retrieval of geophysical data: Down-the hole geophysics, Ground geophysics. Page and columnar reporting functions: Page reports of Basic Site Information, Project Info, Chemistry, Projects and other, Columnar reports of Basic Site Information, Chemistry, Site Management and user defined. It can connect (through ODBC and SQL Links) to and supports the following: DBase, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Interbase, MySQL, Oracle, Informix, DB2. GIS integration: Mapping of boreholes and topographic features, Filter functions with buffers and polygon-selects for data display and reporting, Thematic mapping of borehole data (e.g. depth to water level, discharge rate, chemistry). Storage and retrieval of project related information: Project management and borehole siting, Site management recommendations, Test pumping details, Grouping of sites, Project expenditure, Import and export of data from and to various formats: Import from various database formats (*.dbf, *.db), Appending of one database to another, Export of data to other groundwater packages for analysis, Splitting of databases, "Quick Graphs" and sophisticated charting functions of: Time dependent data (e.g. water levels, discharge, rainfall and chemistry), Distance dependent data (e.g. geophysical traverses), Depth dependent data (e.g. down-the-hole geophysics, penetration rate and chemistry), Chemistry Diagrams (e.g. Piper, Schoeller), Geological logs and construction. Advanced filter and search functions with SQL (Structured Query Language): Search function using SQL, Filter function using SQL to restrict views, reports, graphs.
Cost US Dollars 1925
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Access   :  dBase   :  Paradox 
Supplier in South Africa  VSA Earth Resource Consultants (Pty) Ltd 

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