Category Contaminant transport (2D analytical)
Publisher  Schlumberger Water Services 
Platform DOS
Status Commercial
Description PRINCE is a modeling software package containing the 10 Princeton Analytical Models for simulating contaminant transport and groundwater flow developed for the U.S. EPA at Princeton University. The three groundwater flow models simulate 2-D flow in confined aquifers, while the seven mass transport models simulate 1-D, 2-D and 3-D groundwater concentrations and breakthrough curves. The models are: Model#1: 1-D Mass Transport; Type One Concentration. Model#2: 1-D Mass Transport; Type Three Concentration. Model#3: 2-D Mass Transport; Wilson-Miller Injection Wells. Model#4: 2-D Mass Transport; Infinite Aquifer; Infinite Strip Source. Model#5: 2-D Mass Transport; Infinite Aquifer; Gaussian Source. Model#6: 3-D Mass Transport; Confined YZ Aquifer; Patch Source. Model#7: 3-D Mass Transport; Infinite Aquifer; Gaussian Source. Model#8: 2-D Groundwater Flow; Semi-Infinite Aquifer; Recharge Boundary. Model#9: 2-D Groundwater Flow; Confined Aquifer; Recharge Boundary. Model#10: 2-D Groundwater Flow; Infinite Aquifer; No Recharge Boundary. The flow models calculate and contour time-varying heads and drawdowns due to pumping. These models can also be used to plot distance-drawdown curves and head or drawdown vs. time at any location. The mass transport models simulate groundwater contaminant transport processes advection and dispersion, intrinsic bioremediation, and linear equilibrium sorption. The contaminant source types include continuous source, slug source, Gaussian distribution source, and time-dependent point source. It calculates time-varying concentration contours at the site and can also be used to plot distance-concentration curves and concentration breakthrough curves at any location.
Cost US Dollars 395
Data formats supported None stated
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