Category Numerical analysis (general)
Platform WinXP
Status Freeware
Description VGeST is a suite of Virtual Geoscience Simulation Tools for modelling discontinuous systems, i.e. particulate, granular, blocky, layered, fracturing and fragmenting systems. The suite of simulation tools developed Input and Solvers. Input refers to tools related to the pre-processing environment for building model conditions to be solved. There are two ways to generate input files for solvers. One is to use the shape library to choose particle shapes and generate input files for solver CDEM. Another is to use B2D and B3D which are Graphic User Interfaces (GUI) integrated within GiD to set boundary conditions and generate input files for FEMDEM solvers (Y2D and Y3D), and even to link to the Visualiser to show results. Solvers are used to forward model the temporal-spatial virtual world. Currently, there are three components for solid, Y2D and Y3D (FEMDEM solvers in 2D and 3D) and the DEM solver (CDEM), and one solver for fluids, Fluidity. In future, FEMDEM solvers will be coupled with other fluids solvers, e.g. Fluent and SPH, etc. The visualiser is the post-processing environment to visualise and interrogate results. In the VGeST package, we developed a visualiser called V3D.
Cost Free on WWW
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America 

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