Category Database systems (with log production)
Publisher  Geosoft Ltd (Poland) 
Platform WinXP, Vista, Win7
Status Commercial
Description 3Gds is a software package composed of databases and tools for administering, analysis and presenting of geological, geotechnical and environmental data. All information, results and interpretations are stored in databases such as ORACLE or MS SQL Server of any size. Data may be also accessed via the internet. It is especially intended to serve medium and large companies composed of many operating branches where geological and geotechnical documentation is prepared by many people. The kernel of 3Gds software is a geological database, which includes a wide range of different geological and geotechnical characteristics defined in fully editable glossaries. Three independent co-ordinate systems are used to represent the location of individual boreholes: local Cartesian system (coordinates X, Y and Z), geographical system (latitude longitude) and road system(position is defined by specifying the road name and distance between borehole and road axis). It is consistent with USCS (Unified Soil Classification System). Each geological layer stored in the geological database can be characterized by a set of geotechnical parameters, being a result of laboratory investigations and/or field tests. All parameters stored in the database are available for all modules. The Borehole Log Editor is designed for the creation of borehole logs and graphs of parameters. The template of log can be freely designed by the user. User can freely design the header table i.e. table with general descriptions of borehole like name, location, date etc. Any kind of standard graphic file can be inserted as own logo. All cells can be freely combined vertically, as well as horizontally. The main part of the borehole log i.e. the columns that include the soil stick, ruler, descriptions of borehole profile and graphs of various parameters, can be customized in the same way. The system includes a built-in CAD editor which includes standard options typical for CAD-type programs, such as handling of layers and blocks, setting the styles for basic graphic elements dynamic zoom function, hatchings and built-in tools to calculate such values as angles between straight lines pointed out, distances between points, lengths of curves, closed curve areas, etc. Additionally, 3Gds is equipped with tools for contouring and volume calculations. The 3G-Section Module enables generatation of geological and geotechnical profiles automatically on the basis of information imported from geological database using CAD type graphics. The section line may be an open polygon. Locations of geological holes, CPT tests, etc. are automatically entered on the map background based on X, Y and Z coordinates of holes.
Data formats supported Documents  :  Portable Document Format   :  Word 
Drawings  :  DWG   :  DXF 
Supplier in Poland  Geosoft Ltd (Poland) 

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