Category Groundwater flow (MODFLOW)
Publisher  Schlumberger Water Services 
Platform Win2000, WinXP, Vista
Status Commercial
Description Visual MODFLOW is a three-dimensional groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling application that integrates MODFLOW-2000, MODPATH, MT3DMS, RT3D, Stream Routing Package, Zone Budget and Win 32 MODFLOW. Applications include well head capture zone delineation, pumping well optimization, aquifer storage and recovery, groundwater remediation design, and simulating natural attenuation. It's modeling environment makes three-dimensional groundwater flow, pathline and contaminant transport simulations more accessible and practical than ever before. The graphical interface has been specifically designed to maximize the user's productivity and minimize the complexities typically associated with modeling projects. Now you can conveniently and easily: 1. Graphically assign all necessary flow and transport parameters; 2. Run all of the simulations using the Win32 MODFLOW Suite; 3. Calibrate the model using manual or automated calibration techniques; 4. Visualize full-color, high-resolution results in plan view or full-screen cross-sections. In addition, Visual MODFLOW is loaded with many new and innovative features including: Seamless integration with the Win32 MODFLOW Suite; Multiple unit selections for all model input parameters; Import and overlay site maps as bitmap images (.BMP files) or multiple .DXF files; Model grid rotation/orientation over the site map; Automated grid smoothing for optimizing grid design; Import model grid layer surfaces and boundary condition time schedules; WHS Solver (the fastest and most stable MODFLOW solver available); MODFLOW Batch Run Utility; Comprehensive model calibration statistics; Automated model calibration using WinPEST; Color-shaded contouring of all results; Overlay control for displaying multiple contour maps, pathlines and velocity vectors; Comprehensive summaries and plots of mass balance and zone budget reports for flow and transport; High-resolution display and printing. Visual MODFLOW fully supports and runs all of the most popular and established MODFLOW packages for analyzing steady-state or transient groundwater flow, pathlines and contaminant transport in confined or unconfined aquifers with heterogeneous, anisotropic porous media and variable layer thickness. It is the only graphical modeling environment that combines MODFLOW, MODPATH, Zone Budget, MT3D and PEST in a true 32-Bit, Windows 95/NT environment. While other packages claim to 'include' or 'support' these programs, no other software package provides you with a truly integrated and seamless approach like Visual MODFLOW.
Cost US Dollars 1295
Data formats supported Drawings  :  DXF 
Images  :  Windows bitmap 
Supplier in Brazil  Waterloo Brazil Ltda. 
Supplier in Canada  Schlumberger Water Services 
Supplier in Egypt  Noor Scientific & Trade 
Supplier in Germany  HarbourDOM Consulting 
Supplier in Hungary  Jakab es Tarsai Kft. 
Supplier in Japan  RAAX Co., Ltd. 
Supplier in Japan  Terra Corporation 
Supplier in Russian Federation  O Plus K, Inc 
Supplier in Spain  RAMTOR, S.A. 
Supplier in United States of America  International Ground Water Modeling Center 
Supplier in United States of America  Scientific Software Group 

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