Category Dynamics (soil-structure interaction)
Publisher  Wutec Geotechnical International 
Platform Win2000, WinXP, Windows 7
Status Commercial
Description VERSAT-D2D is a computer program for dynamic 2D plane-strain finite element analyses of earth structures subjected to dynamic loads from earthquakes, machine vibration, waves or ice actions. The analyses are conducted using linear, or nonlinear, or nonlinear effective stress methods of analysis to study soil liquefaction, earthquake induced deformation and dynamic soil-structure interaction such as pile-supported bridges. Main features: Application of horizontal and vertical accelerations at the base; Global force equilibrium enforced at all time; Linear elastic model; Non-linear hyperbolic stress-strain model for sand and for clay; Stress level dependent stiffness parameters; Effective stress sand model including dynamic pore water pressure; Three models for computing dynamic pore water pressure; Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion at all time; Modified stiffness parameters by dynamic pore water pressure; Calculation of ground deformations caused by soil liquefaction; Calculation of factor of safety against liquefaction; Simulation of sheet pile wall and anchors; Very large strain (deformation) analysis; Gravity on and off; Free-field stress boundary; 4-node solid elements to represent soils; 2-node line elements to represent sheet pile walls (beam) or anchors (bar/truss). It incorporates a viscous/elastic base option to examine the influence of rigidity of the underlying elastic medium on response.
Cost US Dollars 1250 per year
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  Wutec Geotechnical International 

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