Category Numerical analysis (soil)
Publisher  Wutec Geotechnical International 
Platform Win2000, WinXP, Windows 7
Status Commercial
Description VERSAT-S2D is a computer program for static 2D plane-strain finite element analyses of stresses, deformations, and soil-structure interactions. The static analyses can be conducted using stress-strain constitutive relationships from linear elastic model to elasto-plastic models, i.e., Mohr-Coulomb model and Von-Mises model. This program can also be used to compute or determine static pre-existing stresses for use in a subsequent dynamic finite element analysis. Main features are: Linear elastic model; Von-Mises model; Mohr-Coulomb model; Stress level dependent stiffness parameters; External load applications; Staged construction by adding layers; Staged excavation by removing layers; Pore water pressure application; Calculation of stresses and deformations caused by strain-softening of soils; Simulation of sheet pile wall and anchors; Updated Lagrangian analysis; Factors of safety calculation; Gravity on and off ; Calculation of pre-existing stresses for use in a dynamic analysis using VERSAT-D2D; 4-node, 6-node and 8-node solid elements to represent soils; 2-node line elements to represent sheet pile walls (beam) or anchors (bar/truss); Use of any consistent units and sign conventions. A free demonstration version is available on the WWW.
Cost US Dollars 120 per year
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  Wutec Geotechnical International 

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