Category Piles (lateral loading and groups)
Publisher  Wutec Geotechnical International 
Platform Win2000, WinXP, Windows 7
Status Commercial
Description VERSAT-P3D is a finite element program for quasi-3D nonlinear dynamic analyses of single piles and pile groups in frequency and time domain (Wu and Finn, 1997, Canadian Geotechnical Journal 34: 34-52). The frequency-domain analysis is used to determine dynamic stiffness and damping as a function of vibration frequency, and to compute moment and shear response of piles subjected to loading at the pile top or at the cap of a pile group. Dynamic time-domain analysis is used to directly compute pile response to seismic loading and therefore allow direct determination of the time-dependent stiffness variation of single piles or pile groups. The time-domain analysis accounts for both the kinematic soil-pile interaction and the inertial interaction between foundation and structure under earthquake loading. All loading applications can be carried out in a nonlinear analysis that uses strain-dependent soil moduli and damping, yielding at failure and a no-tension cut-off. The response of a pile group is computed directly without having to use pile-soil-pile interaction factors. It uses a 4-beam pile element to take into account the effect of the physical space of a pile section on the response of a single pile or a pile group.
Cost US Dollars 1200 for 1 year; US Dollars 4800 for 5 years
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  Wutec Geotechnical International 

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