Category Settlement analysis
Publisher  Wutec Geotechnical International 
Platform Web/Java
Status Shareware
Description VERSAT-Settlement provides calculations of consolidation induced settlements of clayey soils in a multi-layer column. Each layer can have its own unique soil properties including total unit weight, initial void ratio, compression index Cc and recompression index Cr. The preconsolidation pressure (sp) can be assigned a constant value or as a ratio of the initial effective vertical stress for each layer. Settlement at any location, expressed by X and Y coordinate, under multi-zones of loading can be calculated. The incremental vertical stresses under the point of interest are computed using the Boussinesq's equation and the method of superposition for the multi-zones of loads. Once the ground water level is specified by the user, the program automatically computes the initial effective vertical stress for each soil layer, including sublayers. A soil layer is divided automatically by the program into many sublayers as desired by the user in order to increase the accuracy of calculation. Finally the program computes the primary consolidation settlement for underconsolidated soil (OCR<1), or normally consolidated soil (OCR=1), or overconsolidated soil (OCR>1). Secondary compression settlement can also be computed. The program does not require a computer to run; but an Internet browser to setup input and display results.
Cost Free on the Internet
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  Wutec Geotechnical International 

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