Category Plotting and statistics
Publisher  MathWave Technologies 
Platform Win2000, WinXP, Windows Vista, Excel
Status Commercial
Description EasyFit fits various probability distributions to sample data, and selects the best fitting distribution based on goodness of fit tests and graphs, and applies the resulting model to make better engineering or business decisions. Key Features: support for over 55 continuous & discrete distributions; automated & manual distribution fitting; Excel integration; interactive graphs goodness of fit tests; distribution viewer & probability calculator; descriptive statistics calculation; random number generation; Excel-like spreadsheet; data import (Excel, ASCII); built-in and online help. Supported distributions: Beta, Burr (Burr Type 12, or Singh-Maddala), Cauchy (Lorentz), Chi-Squared, Dagum (Burr Type 3, or Inverse Burr), Erlang, Error (Exponential Power, or Generalized Error), Error Function, Exponential, F Distribution, Fatigue Life (Birnbaum-Saunders), Frechet (Maximum Extreme Value Type 2), Gamma, Generalized Gamma, Gumbel Max (Maximum Extreme Value Type 1), Gumbel Min (Minimum Extreme Value Type 1), Hyperbolic Secant, Inverse Gaussian, Johnson SB, Johnson SU, Kumaraswamy, Levy, Laplace (Double Exponential), Logistic, Log-Gamma, Log-Logistic (Fisk), Lognormal, Nakagami (Nakagami-m), Normal (Gaussian), Pareto - first kind, Pareto -second kind (Lomax), Pearson Type 5 (Inverse Gamma), Pearson Type 6 (Beta dist. of the second kind), Pert, Power Function, Rayleigh, Reciprocal, Rice (Ricean, or Nakagami-n), Student's t, Triangular, Uniform, Weibull. Advanced distributions: Generalized Extreme Value, Generalized Logistic, Generalized Pareto, Log-Pearson 3 (LP3), Phased Bi-Exponential, Phased Bi-Weibull, Wakeby. The following discrete distributions are supported: Bernoulli, Binomial, Discrete Uniform, Geometric, Hypergeometric, Logarithmic, Negative Binomial, Poisson.
Cost Standard edition US Dollars 349, Professional edition US Dollars 499
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Ukraine  MathWave Technologies 

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