Category Dynamics (behaviour and earthquake)
Publisher  Novo Tech Software Ltd. 
Platform WinXP, Windows Vista
Status Commercial
Description NovoLiq is used for the evaluation of liquefaction hazard. It uses ten world-wide known liquefaction analysis methods for calculating Cyclic Resistance Ratio (CRR): Japanese Highway's Bridge Code; Chinese Code; Seed et al. (1983); Tokimatsu and Yoshimi (1983); Shibata (1981); Kokusho et al. (1983); Vancouver Task Force (2007 Canada); NCEER Workshop (1997 United States); Boulanger and Idriss (2004); Cetin et al. (2004) Probabilistic and Deterministic Methods. It supports the following field tests for liquefaction triggering: Standard Penetration Test (SPT); Becker Penetration Test (BPT); Shear Wave Velocity (Vs). In addition, user has the option to choose the following parameters: Unlimited soil layers; Post-liquefaction lateral spreading (displacements) and settlements (6 methods); Cyclic Resistance Ratio CRR (10 methods); Simplified Seed & Idriss (1971) method for Cyclic Stress Ratio CSR; Probability of liquefaction (Youd and Noble 2001, Cetin et al. 2004); Effect of foundation load on liquefaction assessment (increased overburden stress); Depth (overburden) correction factor (9 options); All other SPT/BPT/Vs corrections (>6 options); Direct conversion of Becker Density Test to SPT (2 methods, including friction effect); Magnitude Scaling Factor (8 options); Fines content correction (3 options); Depth Reduction Factor Rd (3 options); Relative Density (5 options); Select if a soil layer participates in liquefaction or not.
Cost USD 849
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  Novo Tech Software Ltd. 

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