Category Numerical analysis (rock)
Publisher  CANMET 
Platform Win3x
Status Commercial
Description VISROCK is for 2D stress analysis based on the finite element method and intended for the stress analysis of time dependent behaviour of geomaterials in general. In particular, the analytical program focuses on a rheological model and the theory of elasto-viscoplasticity to capture primary, secondary and tertiary creep, essential features of materials such as potash, salt and other soft rocks. Users may choose to use von Mises, Drucker-Prager or Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion to describe the material strength and may choose a power law or an exponential law to describe the time dependent plastic deformation behaviour. The program can also simulate sequential excavation and backfill problems. Menu or icon driven graphics pre- and post-processors are integrated with the analytical program to permit generation of the finite element mesh and visualisation of pertinent results via colour plots of stress contours, stress trajectories, yield/creep zones and displacement field. In addition, the evolution of stress and displacement histories as well as creep activity can be plotted for nodes or elements defined by the user. A demonstration version is available on the WWW.
Cost Free demonstration version on the WWW
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Canada  CANMET 

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