Category Laboratory testing (soil)
Publisher  Spectra QEST Australia Pty Ltd 
Platform Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description QESTLab is a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) software package designed specifically for the geotechnical testing, concrete testing, aggregates testing and asphalt testing industries. It includes a wide range of test screens, designed for Australian Standards, NSW, Qld, SA, Vic, WA test methods, AASHTO, ASTM and other US test methods. Sample registers. Automatic results calculation and instantaneous checking against specification limits. Efficient data entry and management. Equipment calibrations scheduling module. Automatic reports generated from test data. Client and projects management. Secure audit trail. Automated invoicing capabilities. The following test methods are included: Concrete Testing AS1012, ASTM, AASHTO, NZS. Cylinders, Cubes, Flexural, Cores, Indirect Tensile, Shrinkage. Aggregates AS1141, ASTM, AASHTO, NZS. Gradings, Flakiness Index, Elongation Index. Soils AS1289, ASTM, AASHTO, NZS. Gradings, Atterberg Limits, Maximum Dry Density, Nuclear Density, California Bearing Ratio, Triaxial. Asphalt AS2891, ASTM, AASHTO. Bitumen Content, Stability & Flow, Bulk Density. State Road Authority and Company specific methods.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Australia  Spectra QEST Australia Pty Ltd 
Supplier in United States of America  Spectra QEST America Corp 

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