Rapid Geotechnical Reporting
Category Geotechnical software suites
Publisher  GAEA Technologies Ltd. 
Platform WinXP
Status Commercial
Description Rapid Geotechnical Reporting is designed to minimize the amount of time required to generate geotechnical engineering reports and to maximize the flexibility of the final report. A variety of reports can be created, the program currently comes with templates for conventional shallow and deep foundations. The program is used to collect answers to pre-designed questions in a template. These answers are then merged and a standard report is generated in Microsoft Word. The merging process allows the user to insert different responses and paragraphs into the report depending upon how a question is answered. Features of the program include: Significantly reduces time to create final report. Produces a consistent, high-quality report. Eliminates the possibility of cut and paste errors that occur when modifying old reports. Prompts users to enter complete information and recommendations. Collects answers to pre-designed questions in a template provided by the software supplier. Comes with templates for shallow and deep foundations. More templates are always being added. Generates merged final report that can be edited in Microsoft Word format. Can insert entire paragraphs based on simple yes or no questions. Reports can be generated to follow any standard or need. Default answers to common questions. The answers to questions are tracked, and a list of unanswered questions can be displayed. Microsoft Access database management system. Microsoft Access is not required to run program. Master project database tracks projects over a network. No limit to the number of projects. Projects can contain an unlimited number of reports. Network compatible and able to track projects over a network.
Cost US Dollars 695
Data formats supported Documents  :  Word 
Supplier in Canada  GAEA Technologies Ltd. 

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