Category Bearing capacity
Publisher  LEAP Software, Inc. 
Platform Win2000, WinXP
Status Commercial
Description RC-PIER is an integrated tool for the AASHTO Standard and LRFD analysis and design of reinforced concrete bridge substructures and foundations. It allows users to design multi-column and hammerhead piers, straight, tapered or variable caps, and circular, rectangular (tapered and non-tapered) or drilled-shaft columns. Footing types include isolated or combined, supported on either soil or piles. There is no limit to the number of loads, bearings and piles that may be included in the design. Analysis results are presented in a variety of formats. It allows for customized load groups/limit states in addition to AASHTO LFD/ LRFD specified groups/limit states. Users may also choose to apply impact factors for cap, column or footing. Different impact factors are allowed for truck and lane in AASHTO LRFD mode. It allows users to design cap beams, biaxial columns, and footings through LFD, LRFD or working stress methods. Users can apply advanced design methodologies such as Strut-and-Tie (STM) modeling to obtain optimized structures. It can handle footings supported on soil and piles, isolated, combined and strap footings. The design of the footing includes pile force/soil pressure calculations, flexure design, and cracking and fatigue checks on all faces of the column. One-way shear at a distance equal to the footing depth from the column face and two-way (punching) shear at the critical perimeter around the column are also calculated. Users may select to use maximum pile force/soil pressure computed by the program or input their own value for the design. Pile patterns with regular spacing can be generated and saved in a pile library for repetitive use.
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in United States of America  LEAP Software, Inc. 

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