Category Slope stability (soil)
Publisher  TAGAsoft Ltd 
Platform Web/Java, Java client, server calculation.
Status Commercial
Description TSLOPE solves two dimensional limit equilibrium slope stability analyses of non-circular slip surfaces by Spencer, or Morgenstern and Price methods. The graphical Java interface is used to create the ground, failure, and phreatic surfaces as well as loads or boundary pressures. Allows user to specify multiple slip surfaces with one set of surface geometry and applied loads allowing intelligent search for the critical noncircular slip surface. Provides for application of line loads and pressures to the slope. Facility to apply arbitrary line loads and pressures allows for easy modelling of both anchors and internal reinforcement such as that provided by geogrids. Provides for pseudo-static analyses and automatic searches for the critical seismic coefficient. Automatically computes pressures on a submerged slope and pressures due to fluid in tension cracks. Automatically computes pore pressures given the phreatic surface or average pore pressure ratio. Allows user to specify curved Mohr-Coulomb strength envelopes and combined S-R strength envelopes. Provides complete listing of interslice and base forces. Allows user to consider variation of undrained shear strengths with initial shear stress and direction. Allows two-stage rapid drawdown analyses with strengths used in second stage based on stresses calculated in first stage. Includes interactive pre-processor for generating input files. Generates plots of slope geometry, specified slip surfaces, normal and shear stresses on bases of slices and interslice forces. A Java client (or user interface software) is provided free of charge. The user downloads the Java client and installs it on any device able to run Java applications. Once an account is established with TAGAsoft the user can submit a problem composed by the Java client to the server using the internet. The server based software carries out the appropriate calculations. Results are returned over the internet, and the Java client program is used to display the results. The results can also be exported as csv (comma separated value) files for further analysis. Example problems can be tried for free.
Cost US Dollars 50 per week
Data formats supported Database and Spreadsheet  :  Comma Separated Values 
Supplier in United States of America  TAGAsoft Ltd 

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