Category Retaining wall design
Publisher  TERRASOL 
Platform Win95/98, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, Vista
Status Commercial
Description K-Rea is a program to design retaining walls using the subgrade reaction method. Main features include: wizards to calculate active/passive pressure coefficients, subgrade reaction moduli, material properties. Graphical display of data and results. Definition of construction stages. All classical functionalities are available: loads, support, excavations, hydraulic gradient, unloading/reloading coefficients (important when modeling soft clays).
Cost Euros 4000
Data formats supported None stated
Supplier in Australia  Techsoft Australasia Pty. Ltd. 
Supplier in Brazil  Terratek Ltd 
Supplier in France  TERRASOL 
Supplier in Greece  Neotek 
Supplier in India  AIMIL Ltd - ATES division 
Supplier in Iran  Mahar Shaloodeh Co. 
Supplier in Lebanon  BAT Concept 
Supplier in Lebanon  STS Consultants 
Supplier in Mexico  GEO INGENIERIA ALFVEN, SA de CV 
Supplier in South Korea  Basis Soft Inc. 
Supplier in Tunisia  Terrasol Tunisia 
Supplier in Turkey  GEOGRUP INSAAT A.S. 
Supplier in United Kingdom  Wilde FEA Ltd 

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